Sillage 04 - Le Signe des demons
Date 2001
Issue 4
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Philippe Buchet
Colorist Christian Lerolle
Pages 46
Preceded by Gearing Up
Followed by Sillage Wake nr 5 Alien language.svg

The Sign of the Demons (original French title: Le Signe des démons) is the fourth album in the Sillage series, first released in September of 2001.

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Nävis and a team of Sillage agents investigate the preindustrial world of Hurumaru, inhabited by many different sentient races which are known to have originated elsewhere. The inhabitants have no knowledge of Sillage or of their homeworlds. The usual revolution is fomented to free the downtrodden and discover who has been planting illegal colonies.

Epilogue Edit

A three-page epilogue to the story was published in certain magazines; it depicts Rib'Wund's friends and family watching him board the transport that is to take him to the prison ship Zous-Schtoch-39. On his way to the airlock, the prisoner is shot by a man in the crowd who is quickly overwhelmed by Nävis. While Rib'Wund is taken care of by medical personnel, the assassin swallows a suicide pill that quickly dissolves his entire body. Nävis is left frustrated about another lost lead, but receives warm thanks from Rib'Wund's wives, who had earlier looked at her with scorn.

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Bgv'th ThgthgBeampte EmpôhrrIssurn Baya TruumpaLuchro FalshKomerin-Porgust-DeprovecchoMonévaNävisNivann'draOnestin Ferdin-K4Vinann'draJuaiz RammaszRib'WundTrictajdal

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