French cover Sillage 11
Date 2008
Issue 11
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Philippe Buchet
Colorist Christian Lerolle
Pages 46
Preceded by Return of Flames
Followed by Free Zone

The Floating World ( called Monde flottant in the original French) is the eleventh album of the Sillage series.

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Condemned but left free, Nävis has been fired from Sillage's secret service and has to rely on odd jobs. The lawyer who defended her during her trial gives her a mission: go to the planet RiBhehn to find Bobo, who has gotten lost in the turmoils of a local civil war. On RiBhehn, the feudal government was just thrown off by the emperor's loyal supporters, and Sillage is trying to gather as much as possible of a rare ore there.

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RiBhehn's society is very reminiscent of Meiji-era Japan, both in clothing and architecture as well as in social matters and political developments.

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