Physical attributes
Species Robot
Gender Quasi-male
Status Active

Snivel was a robot in the service of Sillage.

Biography Edit

He served as Madjestœt Heiliig's assistant during the "hottaformation" of Nävis' adoptive homeworld, a jungle planet. Once he discovered signs of a unique new alien species being present, he got very exited and wanted to inform the leaders of Sillage, but Heiliig attacked and disassembled him before he could do so; the Madjestœt did not want to see the creation of his people's new homeworld disturbed. Snivel survived, however, and was put together again in time to testify in Nävis' favor before the Constituante.[1]

Later on, he became a companion and guardian for the young human in her home ship, cooking for her and taking care of her day-to-day needs.[2]

Appearance Edit

Snivel had a roughly humanoid frame, with two legs and four arms, all covered in gold-colored plating. He could be disassembled down to minor pieces, with his head, which included the robot equivalent of a brain, still being able to function on its own when connected to a power source.

Snivel's original "body" was destroyed numerous times since his first meeting with Nävis, often leaving his head as the sole surviving part.

Notes and References Edit