RibWund 01
Physical attributes
Species unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive

Rib'Wund was a high-ranking officer of the Sillage military.

Holding the rank of Colonel, he received a message that something was wrong with the hottaforming operation overseen by Madjestœt Heiliig; in response, he made his way to the planet in question with an army of battle robots, arriving just in time to deactivate the Madjestœt's exoskeleton and save Nävis. To apeace the situation, he ordered the revolting Migreurs to take their "pay", which was in fact suicide pills that melted them into puddles.

He later testifies before the Constituante about the reformed Migreurs, and introduced Bobo, who spoke on the latter's behalf.[1]

Rib'Wund was promoted to General while overseeing Nävis' training.[2]

Family Edit

Rib'Wund had two wives, Nivann'dra and Vinann'dra, and three children.[3]

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