Sillage 02 - Collection privée
Date 1999
Issue 2
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Philippe Buchet
Colorist Christian Lerolle
Pages 46
Preceded by Fire and Ash
Followed by Gearing Up

Private Collection (original French title: Collection privée) is the second album in the Sillage series, first released in 1999.

Plot Edit

Nävis runs out of money and must take a job with the Wake military as an intelligence agent.

Nävis also comes to the attention of a powerful telepath who has used his power of compulsion to build a harem of females of all known species, except humans. She resists his attentions, sometimes violently.

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Characters Edit

ÄrztrachanBoboEnshu AtsukauMackel-LoosMyganneNävis

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Others Edit

Kannotekina IIIvistern

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