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Pünta physiology

The Püntas were the native sentient species of the planet TRI-JJ 786.

They were oviparous, with four limbs (two arms and two legs) and three eyes. Most of the species were males, with the females serving as queens called "egg-layers".

Well adapted to the cold, all but frozen environment of their homeworld, they lived in small communities when Alceste Leboissard, a human geneticist, was stranded with them. They welcomed him warmly, but he, wanting desperately to return home to his own kind, began to genetically manipulate the egg-layers so that they mass-produced a type of Human-Pünta hybrids that quickly became the dominant species and built a more advanced civilization. The original Püntas were forced to live as the scum of that new order, looked down upon by their humanoid brethren.

However, their genes were stronger than Leboissard anticipated, and hybrid women eventually started to give birth to pure Pünta children again.[1]

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