Nävis Portrait 001
Physical attributes
Species Human
Gender Female
Status Alive

Nävis (called Navee in English-language editions) is the main protagonist of the Sillage series. A female human, she was the first member of her species encountered by Sillage.

Biography Edit

Origin Edit

Nävis was put into a cryostasis container as an infant, and went on a long journey aboard a human spacecraft that eventually crashed on a jungle world countless light years away from Earth. As the sole survivor of the crash, she was raised by the ship's still functioning robot, Nsob, until his destruction, and a native tigrours, Houyo.[1]

Sillage Edit

As the series begins, Nävis has survived into adolescence and all the technology on her wrecked ship has finally failed. She lives a primitive life in the jungle of her world with Houyo. Her idyllic life ends when agents of Sillage, a traveling civilization of many different alien species, arrive to Hotta-form (equivalent of terraform) her planet for Hottard colonization. Prior to encountering Nävis, Sillage had no contact with humanity.[2]

After some first contact friction, Nävis is awarded salvage rights to her wrecked spacecraft and joins Wake with enough money to pay for her education and to commission a custom spacecraft for her to live in. When her money runs out, she goes to work for the Wake government as an agent and explorer within the Wake convoy and on technologically primitive worlds. Since her mind cannot be read or controlled and she cannot be detected with telepathy, this makes her valuable in infiltration missions.[3]

Physical appearance Edit

Nävis is a tanned Caucasian female of small but muscular stature, with long black hair and green eyes.

While living on her jungle world, she was naked except for a loincloth, furred wristbands that stored knives, anklets made of vines, and a band for her ponytail. When she is inducted into Sillage, she has a variety of uniforms and outfits to suit the situation.

She has a number of white markings on her body, appearing as stripes on her arms, her upper legs, her belly button, her breasts and her nose. (Due to censorship, the markings on her breasts are colored black in the American edition to hide her nipples.) There is evidence to suggest she is not a true human being and these markings have something to do with that fact. (Wake Vol. 3; Nävis Vol. 2&4)

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