Myganne 01
Physical attributes
Species unknown
Gender Female
Status Deceased

Myganne was a femal member of an extremely slender and agile species, and part of Consul Enshu Atsukau's harem. She also served as his bodyguard and enforcer.

She and two other members of the harem were sent to recover a vistern containing information about Nävis from her doctor, Ärztrachan. He was, however, not willing to hand it over, and injected her with a Gristanlroll vaccine, causing violent tumor-like growths to appear all over her right arm.

Myganne was eventually stabbed to death by Atsukau after attacking Nävis against his expressed orders. Even in her dying moments, she expressed her desire to be with him by touching his cheek with the tip of her tongue one last time.[1]

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