Kehre-Dizzo 01
Physical attributes
Species unknown
Gender Female
Status Alive

Kerhe-Dizzo was an extreme activist who was gladly willing to use violence and other criminal means to put the public focus on situations that worried or disgusted her.

Among other crimes, she killed 287 people by blowing up a warship that was being towed to a salvage site; she wanted to protest the low pay of the salvage workers and their limited protection from radiation leakage. She was arrested by Sillage authorities and sentenced to a prison term, but her highly-payed lawyers found a procedural error and got her free.[1]

Physical appearance Edit

She was a tall humanoid with four long, thin limbs. Her elbows ended in sharp bone blades that she could use to great effect in close-range combat.

Her skull was hairless, with the skin forming vertical stripes all through the face. She had three small eyes and a large mourth full of sharp teeth.

Notes and References Edit