Saahre 01

Saahre, a female Hottard

The Hottards were a roughly humanoid sentient species that travelled aboard Sillage for some time.

Originally native to a hot desert world, they were accustomed to high temperatures that many other species would find unpleasant. They had orange skin and six eyes (three large ones, and three smaller ones above them), as well as six limbs, each with four digits.

They remained on Sillage in search for a new home. At a certain point, many of them started dying of a claustrosiria epidemic that even the medical specialists of the convoy were powerless against. Their representative, Madjestoet Heiliig, actively sought an unoccupied planet for his people, and eventually "hottaformed" one even though signs of intelligent life were discovered on it. The following crisis led to the discovery of Nävis, and Heiliig's incarceration for violating Sillage law. The Hottards, who finally had a new home, worshipped Heiliig as a hero.[1]

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