Sillage 03 - Engrenages
Date 2000
Issue 3
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Philippe Buchet
Colorist Christian Lerolle
Pages 54
Preceded by Private Collection
Followed by The Sign of the Demons

Gearing Up (original French title: Engrenages) is the third album in the Sillage series, first released in 2000.

Plot Edit

A routine check on a known world discovers a steampunk civilization whose technology is advancing impossibly fast while the native Pünta people mutate into a hybrid form similar to humans. New undercover agent Nävis is sent to discover what is happening.

Background Edit

This album establishes that the series takes place several thousand years in the future.

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Characters Edit

FouchaisHigh PeerAlceste LeboissardNävisLehwisAntoine PrinchardClément VildieuMaximilien Vildieu

Locations Edit

EarthTRI-JJ 786

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aerogyrokronoMillenium Poulette

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