Sillage 01 - A feu et a cendres
Date 1998
Issue 1
Writer Jean-David Morvan
Artist Philippe Buchet
Colorist Christian Lerolle
Pages 46
Preceded by
Followed by Private Collection

Fire and Ash (original French title: À feu et à cendres) is the second album in the Sillage series, first released in 1998.

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Nävis, a lone human girl, is hunting for birds on her jungle home planet when she accidentally brings down a probe, apparently killing the small alien aboard. Her best friend Houyo, a giant wild cat, saves her from the explosion of the craft, and they dissappear into the forest together.

During the following night, an enormous spacecraft lowers itself down to surface. After burning a large clearing into the forest, the vessel lands and hundreds of Migreurs disembark. Madjestœt Heiliig orders them to begin the construction of a settlement.

[ to be completed ]

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Censorship Edit

Wake-Sillage censorship

Nävis in the censored American version compared to the original art

In this first volume of the series, the adolescent Nävis was depicted topless. As a prerequisite for publication in the United States, the American publisher covered her breasts with a black felt marker in the American edition.[1]

Trivia Edit

Two small creatures who witness Madjestoet Heiliig's arrival on the planet resemble the Marsupilami, a famous comic character created by André Franquin in 1952.

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