Enshu Atsukau
Enshu 01
Physical attributes
Species unknown
Gender Male
Status Alive

Enshu Atsukau was a male member of a powerfully telepathic species, and an independent consul working for Sillage.

Biography Edit

In his youth, Atsukau and his people lived on their homeworld, indulging in all kinds of frivolities through their power over creatures with weaker psi abilities – which meant basically all of them. However, at some point, Yiarhu-Kah and nine other of his kind of ultimate killers were sent by the Super-Directors to destroy them. Losing only four of their own, they eradicated the entire population except for a few Sillage collaborators, which included Enshu. [1]

Nävis first encountered Enshu aboard the Committee ship after the leaders of Wake had been briefed on her status and offered her a job as a cover agent. He told had that he had long desired to meet her, and invited her to his residence.[2]

Notes and References Edit