Ehmte-Ciss-Ron 01
Physical attributes
Species Cyborg
Gender Male
Status Alive

Ehmté-Ciss-Ron was one of Sillage's most prominent lawyers.

He took the case of defending former secret agent Nävis after her falling out with the Constituante.[1]

Later, the Super-Directors sent one of their ultimate killers, Yiarhu-Kah, after him. Ehmté-Ciss-Ron attempted in vain to get away from him by sending his pet beasts after him, but they were both killed easily. Yiarhu-Kah then captured Ehmté-Ciss-Ron and removed his brain, sending it to the Super-Directors through a hand-held teleporter.

After the Super-Directors had been defeated and his brain was recovered intact, it was transferred into a cyborg body resembling his original one, and Ehmté-Ciss-Ron continued to work as a lawyer.[2]

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