Clément Vildieu
Clement Vildieu 01
Physical attributes
Species Human-Pünta hybrid
Gender Male
Status unknown

Clément Vildieu was a male Human-Pünta hybrid from the planet TRI-JJ 786.

The younger brother of Maximilien Vildieu, he became the leader of a resistance movement against the Peer government. He met Nävis when she saved him from an aerogyro patrol. Unaware that she was an actual human in disguise as well as an agent of Sillage, he joined up with her to discover the truth behind "the Project". They eventually found their way into the secret facility where the Peers kept were in the process of building a spacecraft for their creator, the human scientist Alceste Leboissard.

Mistaking Leboissard for the hated High Peer (who was a clone of the former), Clément shot the human between the eyes, killing him instantly. He then knocked Nävis, who was unwilling to leave Leboissard behind, unconscious and took her away from the facility before a bomb he had planted destroyed it.

After the fall of the Peers, whose purpose in life had died along with their "father", Clément Vildieu became the President of his people. He had little hope for the future however, knowing that nothing could be done about the resurfacing of pure Pünta DNA in the population. With Nävis gone, it was left to him to be the guardian of a dying society.[1]

Years later, it was discovered that Nävis had conceived a child during her time on TRI-JJ 786. It was clear to her that only Clément could be the father.[2]

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