Bobo 01
Physical attributes
Species Migreur
Gender Quasi-male
Status Alive

Bobo was a reformed Migreur and a close friend and partner of Nävis.

Biography Edit

The then unnamed one was part of the large army of Migreurs charged with "hotta-forming" the planet Madjestœt Heiliig had chosen as the new home for the Hottards. When the human girl Nävis was discovered and escaped from Heiliig's grasp, a group of three Migreurs was charged with capturing her. They followed her all the way to the wreck of her starship, where the one later known as Bobo was hit in the right eye by one of her projectiles. Soon after, she convinces the three to follow her, and started by giving each of them a name. Bobo got his because of the scars he got from the fight with her.

He later refused to take the "payment" all Migreurs received when their work was completed – and which was actually a type of suicide pill that caused them to melt into a puddle of grey goo within minutes. Somehow, Bobo had received the ability to form complex thoughts, which would on many occassions be attributed to the head injuries he suffered at Nävis' hand. (The projectile that destroyed his right eye was in fact a human-built data module.)[1]

In the years following these events, Bobo became the leader of the Migreurs and championed their move towards self-determination. He realized, however, that his brothers were not truly thinking about what he had to say, and simply did what they were told. He refused to dictate their further course, and stepped down as their leader.[2]

Physical appearance Edit

Bobo had the typical muscular appearance of the Migreurs, who seemed to be all based on the same template. He never had his eye repaired and wore an eyepatch during his adventures with Nävis.

Notes and References Edit