Alceste Leboissard
Alceste Leboissard 01
Physical attributes
Species Human
Gender Male
Status Deceased

Alceste Leboissard was a human geneticist from France on the planet Earth.

He left his homeworld aboard the colonization frigate Good Oak on May 17th, 2262. About two thousand years later, he was awake when a fire broke out on the ship, causing its eventual destruction in a huge explosion. Leboissard alone was able to reach an escape pod.

After sleeping for another 463 years, he landed on TRI-JJ 786, the cold homeworld of the Püntas, who accepted and welcomed him. However, all he could think of was going "home", and as a geneticist, the only way he saw was to create an artificial species that could develop the ability to build spaceships while he slept in his cryo chamber. For that purpose, he injected captured Pünta egg-layers with his own DNA, and manipulated them to produce thousands of eggs with quasi-human offspring, forming the foundation for a new civilization.

Over the following centuries, Leboissard only came out of his cryochamber for short periods of time to check on the progress of his "children", who, led by the Peer caste, evolved their civilization. Each time, he had to be reeducated about his own history because the cryostasis caused amnesia.

Eventually, it was discovered that the genetic modifications were wearing off, causing more and more new-born children to revert to the species' original Pünta form. This caused a major crisis that forced the peers to awaken their "father". Shortly after that, a group of rebels was caught inside the secret facility, and one of them brought before Leboissard. She then revealed herself to be Nävis, an agent of Sillage and another true human. He was delighted to meet her, but before they could talk, Leboissard was shot between the eyes by Clément Vildieu. He died instantly, never being able to fulfill his dream of returning home.[1]

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